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malawi mission

current state of malawi

The average age in Malawi is 17 years old.
Compare that to the average age of 38 in the United States, and a question naturally arises. Why?!
HIV/Aids and Malaria have devastated the adult population.
Our church doesn’t just want to throw money at a situation, but we want to fundamentally change the hearts and minds of the people. This means starting at the young age and educating them about health, agriculture, community, and Bible.
to create a Christian atmosphere where kids can receive education about life-skills, agriculture, hygiene, and the Gospel of Jesus.

the mission

the missionaries

Meet the Jewell Family!
(left to right)  
Ben, Pink, Andy, John, Samantha and Jonah
John and Samantha are from opposite coasts of the U.S. and met in New Orleans, LA in college.
After moving to Texas and studying the Bible with an elderly woman at a local church, they were married and baptized on the same day in 1996.  They’ve been involved in ministry and mission work ever since.  Jonah is currently serving in the U.S. Army.  Andy is a student at York University, and Ben enjoys reading and building Lego sets while completing his high-school studies and taking double-credit college courses. 
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